Leadership Team

Board of Directors

The Company’s Board of Directors guides its business planning and technology development program.

J. Bruce Boisture, Chairman.

Mr. Boisture, a founder of the Company, served as the CEO and President of the
Company from inception until June 2009. Since then, he has served as Chairman of the Company, and since March 2013 as its President. Also an experienced corporate lawyer, Mr. Boisture has spent most of his career engaged as a principal in capital investment and business management. He has extensive experience as an investor in and CEO of start-ups, turn-arounds, and publicly traded companies. He holds degrees from Yale Law School (J.D.), Oxford University (B.Phil.), and Princeton University (B.A.).

Jonathan J. Feinstein.

Mr. Feinstein, the other founder of the Company and the inventor of the ZoneFlow technology, has been the Company’s Director of Technology since its inception. Trained as a metallurgical engineer at the University of Sheffield, Mr. Feinstein improved processes for making specialty steels before spending 18 years as a research engineer, technology manager, and marketing manager in the industrial gas business of Praxair, where he was responsible for research, development, and licensing as well as joint development alliances with major customers.  He holds degrees from University of Sheffield (M.S. and B.S., Metallurgy).

Edward T. Wolynic.

Mr. Wolynic, currently an advisor to several Fortune 500 corporations and a board member of a portfolio of start-up companies in the materials, catalyst, and specialty chemicals segments, is the former Chief Technology Officer and Group Vice President, Strategic Technologies, for Engelhard Corporation. Previously, he served as the Vice President – Research and Development of UOP, a joint venture of Union Carbide Corporation and Allied Signal, a leading international supplier of process technology, products, engineered systems, and technical/management services to petroleum refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries.  He holds degrees from Princeton University (Ph.D. and M.S., Chemical Engineering) and Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (B.S., Chemical Engineering).

James A. Youngling.

Jay Youngling, one of the Company’s original investors, is the President and owner of Independent Resources, Inc., a leasing and financing company, and owns and manages Youngling & Company, a merchant bank specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate financings. He has owned, managed, and sold many businesses, principally involved in the financial industry.

Jack Krichavsky.

Mr. Krichavsky is the President of Almada Corp., a financial consulting firm. He previously served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Colt Defense LLC and was a partner in the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen LLP. Mr. Krichavsky sits on the Board of Directors of several technology related companies and is an active Angel Investor.


Mr. Boisture currently serves as the Company’s President and Mr. Feinstein as its Director of Technology.

Michael Ralston.

Mr. Ralston is the Company’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Ralston joined the Company in 2007, bringing to the Company a broad and deep understanding of its target markets and customers. Before joining the company, he was the Manager of Sales and Marketing for the Hydrogen and Syngas Division of Linde BOC Process Plants. He previously served as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Linde Selas Fluid Processing Corporation and as the Deputy General Manager and Manager of Business Development for Technip USA Corporation, both deeply involved with the SMR industry. Mr. Ralston holds degrees from Claremont Men’s College (BA Management Engineering) and Stanford University (BSc and MSc, Management Science and Engineering).